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3M 8 "صوف تلميع وسادة تلميع أبيض وأصفر (05711 05713)

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مثالية لتلميع وتلميع المرايا للقوارب والسيارات والشاحنات و RVs - جانب واحد - 9 بوصات ، أبيض وأصفر.


Size: 9 inches (outer diameter about 228MM)
Matching tray: 7 inch with edge guard

Package content

1* buffing pad

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Care Instructions

3M Wool Polishing Buffing Pad

Brand: 3M
Model: 05711(rough)/05713(fine) Polishing Pad/Tampon a polir/Borla para abrillantar
Name: single-sided yellow wool buffing pads
Applicable polishing: automotive and industrial
Origin: Canada
Size: 9 inches (outer diameter about 228MM)
Matching tray: 7 inch with edge guard
Number of revolutions: 1500-2500 rpm (not more than 2500 rpm)
How to use: Install the special magic tray, and then stain the wool tray.
Scope of application: car paint polishing, paint spraying, furniture, kitchen and bathroom, shipping, etc.;
Application: Use with polishing wax to polish the defects and flaws of paint or panel to achieve high brightness and repair.

Regularly clean the wool wheel with a brush or air nozzle; remove wax; for rinsing, use warm water, not hot water, strong acid-base detergents or solvents

Product Features:
1. Good durability
2. Good flexibility
3. Lightweight, good balance

Recommended Applications:

  • Cured paint
  • Fresh paint finishes
  • Medium paint finishes
  • Scratch removal
  • Swirl mark remova