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مسدس رش طلاء السيارة GTI Pro عالي التشتت

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  • الانحلال العالي ، الكفاءة العالية وتوفير الطاقة ، مسدس رش عالي الجودة HVLP مطور حديثًا ، مناسب جدًا لطلاء السيارات ، ورنيش ، طلاء المعطف الخفيف.
  • عرض الرش كبير ، وضغط الهواء منخفض ، والطلاء محفوظ ، ومن السهل التعامل مع مشاهد الرش المختلفة مثل السيارات ، والسفن ، والأثاث.
  • جسم مزور ، انحلال الأنود ، شعور مريح. خفيف الوزن ، 17.6 أوقية / 500 جرام فقط.
  • فترة الضمان : 2 سنوات


Original : CHINA

Maximum output pressure:3 (MPa)

Max jet flow:1.3 (L/min)

best spray distance:150 (mm)

Spray width:280 (mm)

Total Weight with attachment: 1.2 (kg)

Gun weight: 500g

Dimensions: 260*150*180(mm)

Material : Copper Aluminum Alloy


suitable capacity:600 (ml)

Series:GTI model

Package content

1 *spray gun

1 *spray can


1 set of seal rings

1*clean brush

1*quick connector

Shipping & Returns

Generally, economic way takes 10-20 days,Expedited way(DHL,UPS,Fedex) takes 6-12 days.

Care Instructions

1. Use clean compressed air:
2. Chose suitable spraying equipment and workplace;
3. Before connecting to the air pipe, confirm whether the parts of the spray gun are complete and firm.
4. It is strictly forbidden to point the gun head at yourself or others, so as to avoid injury caused by misoperation.
5. Wear respiratory protection equipment when working (because there will be paint mist when spraying).


  • 【Spray Gun Needle】

    High temperature heat treatment needle, through the heat treatment process, makes the needle more wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and increases the service life.

  • 【Control valve】

    The design of spray fan control valve, flow control valve is beautiful, and the flow rate and amplitude can be adjusted according to different operations, which is convenient and fast.

  • 【Brass nut】

    quick-loading and unloading hood design, needle sealing ring protection design, avoid being polluted by paint mist.

  • 【Wear-resistant muzzle】

    The nozzle is heat-treated by a special process, which is wear-resistant and durable

  • 【standard 1.3/1.8mm Tip】

    Standard 1.3mm and 1.8mm tip for option, 1.8mm mist is thicker, good for primer,1.3mm mist is smooth and exquisite, very suitbale for top coat.

  • 【Spray Gun Trigger】

    Engineering ergonomic design, grip feeling comfortable, flexible operation,Pull gently.