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Triangle Orbital Radom Interior Cleaner Sander--Free Shipping

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1.Air triangle cleaner, use as a high efficient, multifuctional and handy air power sander,polisher and cleaner.Meets most car maintenance needs, cleaning leather interior,glass polishing, lacquer sanding, cleaning and waxing, polishing.
2. Parameter
free running speed:12000 rpm
Bttom plate size: 70x100mm(3 inch x 4 inch)
Eccentricity: 3mm
Air pressure: 90PSI
Weight: 0.7KG
3. About pads:
Interior clean pad: nano fiber materials, use directly with water or cleaning agent. Harmless to leather or fiber upholstery interior. Note:Clean the fiber with water at first time using.1 pc can be used for 8 cars interior cleaning.
Glass polish pad: make of wools materials.
Stain remove pad: remove stain, iron powder,gum,light oxide layer,bird dropping on paint.
Waxing pad:make of sponge materials, for car waxing with car polish wax.


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