Details of Square Orbital Air Sander

  • Perfect sander for almost all fine finishing work,polish and grinding for car,truck,boat, furniture, metal, wood,stones.
  • Air Square sander allows user to reach corners and other difficult areas
  • The sheet sander runs at 10,000 orbits per minute ; 2.5mm diameter high eccentric orbit creates larger sanding area, which makes your work efficiently.
  • This pneumatic square sander is a great finishing sander, with rear exhaust,low noise.

Specification of sander:

Chassis Specification: 75x100mm/2.95*3.94in
Deflection Diameter: 2.5mm/0.98in
Free Speed: 12000rpm
Working Air Pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa
Air Inlet Joint: 1/4 Inch
Shell Material: Plastic
Size: 120*95mm/4.72*3.74in


Details of softback sanding sponges pads

Specifications: size (75X100mm/ 3inx 4in) 10PCS/ box

Grit :P500/P1200/P1500/P2000/3000


  • high-quality imported sponge sandpaper, the sponge cushioning effect make it very comfortable to sand and polish, the sand pattern is very wear-resistant,
  • Compared to conventional sandpaper,one piece can be equal to 2-3 pieces of conventional sandpaper,pretty efficient, sanding is more than 1 times faster.
  • it can be used for both dry and water sanding, the grinding is very uniform, and it can be recycled. The used pads can be used as a fine mesh.
  • It is very fast and saves a lot of grinding time and cost. One piece can grind 5/6 automobile sheet metal parts, and the overall cost is ultra-low.