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Auto Nano Interior Leather Dash Board Coating Cream Kit 120ML--Free Shipping!

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*1. Multifunctional refurbishment suit for car exterior and interior, to clean, renovate, restore the luster of paint and interior upholstery.

*2. The brighter varnish paste: make the optimized formula on the brightness, enhance the brightness obviously, the appearance of the black car paint is more obvious, and it can also be applied to the automobile lacquer surface and the automobile film, the car clothing, and has the effect of maintaining the car clothing.

*3. Nourishing multi-function coating paste: it has better nourishing protection for the dermis, deep penetration protection, and is not greasy. It is restored to the natural luster of the car. Applicable to interior decoration, leather, surface plate, rubber, plastic parts, tires, etc.

How to Use:


*1. Clean and dry the paint surface

*2. Squeeze an appropriate amount of paint coating cream on the sponge

*3. Apply the product evenly on the paint surface

*4. After waiting for 3-5 minutes, quickly polish it with a dry towel


*1. Squeeze an appropriate amount of interior coating cream on the sponge

*2. Evenly apply it on the surface to be renovated

*3. Wait 1-2 minutes and wipe dry with a dry towel


Item: Nano interior cleaner cream

Form: cream

Net Content: 120ml Shelf Life: three years (unopened and stored correctly)

Function: paint finish, interior gloss protection, restore new bright luster

Package Includes: 1 x Coating Cream 1 x Sponge 1 x Towel


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