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Car Wax Crystal Plating Set Paint surface Scrach Repair Paste 150ML /4.3 Oz -Free Shipping

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  • Erosion and strong sunlight ultrviolet radiation

  • Hard glossy wax layer convering the paint surface coating formula

  • Super waterproof, antifouling effect, better able to withstand the harsh rain and snow

  • Closed form a hard and bright hardening protective film



Option1:1x 150ml Plating Wax

Option2 :1x 150mlPlating Wax+ 2x Applicators + 3x Microfiber Buffing Towels

Option3:1x 150ml Black Plating Wax (Design for black car, make car black and shine)

Option4 :1x 150ml BlackPlating Wax+ 2x Applicators + 1x 800gsm 45*38cm Detailing Towel(Random color)

Option5:1x 230mlPlating Wax

Option6 :1x 230mlPlating Wax+2x Applicators + 1x 800gsm 45*38cm Detailing Towel(Random color)


Important notice:

Long-distance transport could cause Chela split; the weather temperature is high, it may melt, this problem can not be avoided, does not affect the function.

With water heated wax, wax is completely melted, after cooling, the wax can be restitution.





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