Windshield Glass Cleaning Paste

1. It is recommended to use on pure glass surface, do not use other materials

2. The oil film cleaning products in this link should not be used on car rearview mirrors, because some lens surfaces have been specially treated, which may cause damage after application

3. This product is suitable for the outer glass of the car, the inner glass is not available

4. If stubborn stains cannot be cleaned at once, it is recommended to repeat the operation

5. Please keep in a cool and ventilated environment, strictly forbid entry, eyes, children, and fire sources

6. Oil film cleaning products are only used for oil film stains on the outside of the front windshield caused by car exhaust, acid rain, oxide layer, glass water, and wiper strips. It is not recommended to use it in other places. Keep the application tool clean and free of foreign matter during construction. No effort is required to cast lightly to prevent secondary damage caused by violent construction

The Package includes: 1*120ml glass oil film remover