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Slight Car Scratch Remover Paste by Hand 120ML/4.3 Oz -Free Shipping

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Product description:

Repair principle: Scratch wax contains moderate abrasive particles. The abrasive particles rub the top two layers of the paint to gradually smooth and fill, so that the scratches disappear; Hamlet abrasive blasting particles are different from general abrasives in the market, and achieve long-lasting Repair scratches while not damaging the paint effect;

Repair scope: slight medium and shallow scratches without damage to the primer;

Polishing: Scratch wax contains wax components, which can be used for polishing while repairing;

Color: Suitable for various colors of car paint.


Instructions for use:

Fold a corner with a towel, apply scratch wax, focus on it, and wipe it back and forth bit by bit until the scratch disappears; if the moderate scratch is slightly deeper, it is better to increase the wiping strength appropriately.



Capacity: 120ML/4.3 Oz  /bottle

Physical state: liquid milky



Leaking primer cannot be repaired, and metal hard car paint is more difficult to repair, requiring greater effort and polishing machine cooperation.


Product List:

1 × tooth paste scratch Paste

1×car towel

1×Waxing artifact(Upgraded car sponge)




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