Details of bottle cutter

  • 【High-quality material】 Our glass cutter is made of high-quality stainless steel, stainless, tough and durable, the electric glass bottle cutter adopts 96W pure copper motor, which is full of power, and the speed can reach 6000r/min, which can help you cut quickly with high efficiency.
  • 【Adjustable speed】 The speed of the electric cutting machine can be adjusted in seven speeds. You can adjust it according to different material and thickness of the bottle, which is more convenient and safer.
  • 【Diy Creativity & Environmental Protection】 This is a really fun item, what you do with it is only limited by your imagination. It's ideal for crafter's and diy enthusiasts.
  • 【Wide use】Instead of discarding the bottle, we can use it for other purposes, Our glass bottle cutter machine can cut glass, ceramic, plastic and other materials and bottles of various shapes, like making square lamps with square bottles, creating a candle lamp or a vase with round bottles to create your own decorations for your home and effectively use excess bottles. It also can protect our environment to some extent.
  • 【Affordable accessories】 Our electric cutter set include Bottle Cutter Machine with 7-speed power supply, 4x spare saw blade, 1x wrench, 1x Chuck key, 1x Water pipe, 1x Hole opener.