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Car Paint Dirt Pits Handheld Sanding Block 1.1 in x 1.3 in(33mm/27mm )Tolecut Kit ™

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  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Durable film backing, flexible bonding and the highest quality abrasives result in the perfect top-coat finishing solution that cuts fast and uniform, while leaving behind extremely shallow scratches
  • TOUCH UP SANDING: Nibs, runs, sags, and other imperfections can be eliminated quickly and effectively without worry of oversandin
  • TOTAL DRY: State-of-the-art Dry Anti-Clogging technology prevents loading and deep scratches while enabling constant progress monitoring for delicate jobs
  • MADE IN JAPAN: Manufactured by KOVAX, leaders in coated abrasive technology for over 90 years in the automotive, metalworking, and woodworking industries 








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