3 Tips on using Wool Buffing Pads

3 Tips on using Wool Buffing Pads

Wool buffing pad

Also called as wool polish pad, one is made of wool fiber and the other is made of man-made fiber. It is a tool for polishing and waxing in paint, stone, glass fiber reinforced plastic, and other industries.


  • Use with polishing liquid (paste, powder) to achieve better polishing effect on the polished surface.
  • Able to deal with the marks left by the previous process of polishing.Easy to replace.
  • Advanced manufacturing technology, excellent selection of materials, wool thread texture is soft and elastic, pure natural fur with fur is not shed during the polishing process, it is a natural environmental protection material.
  • The wool ball polishing series matches the vast majority of pneumatic and electric sanding and polishing machines on the market
  • Can be washed and reused, which can reduce costs and save money

Applied to:

1. Automobile industry (manufacturing factory, 4S station, beauty shop)
2. Original motorcycle manufacturer
3. Original factory for washing machines and refrigerators
4. Artificial stone panels and floors
5. Wood lacquer (furniture, cabinet panel manufacturers, pianos, wooden floors, etc.)
6. Indoor installation
7. Advanced kitchen utensils
8. Musical Instruments
9. Precious Metals
10. Jewelry
11. Plastic surface treatment
12. Precision instruments and other industries

There are usually two colors of wool buffing pad on the market, white is rougher, and beige is more delicate/finer. You need to choose wool buffing pad according to the hardness of the polished workpiece materials.

How to use

Tip 1

For the first use, fully soak the wool buffing pad in water, the water should completely cover the wool ball, soak it for three to five minutes, and fully squeeze the water of the wool buffing pad with your hands before it can be installed and used.

Tip 2

Usually used with solid wax/compound and liquid wax/compound .

  • Buffing with solid wax, after starting the machine at a low speed, apply the solid wax evenly on the surface of the wool buffing pad, and polish it only when the surface of the wool ball is completely stained with wax.
  • Buffing with liquid wax, method 1, install it on the polishing machine and tighten it, start the polishing machine at a low speed, dry the excess water, and apply the wax water evenly on the wool ball. Since the wool buffing pad is fully soaked, this will save wax water consumption. Sand at low speed first so that the wax water evenly coats the paint. Speed ​​up after that. Method 2 is to spray the wax water evenly on the surface of the product to be polished, and then use wool buffing pad to polish the product.

Tip 3

When stop using, soak the side of the wool buffing pad in water, and the water only needs to soak half of the pad; or clean the pad and dry it, and repeat the above steps until the next use.

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